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Youth / Student Groups:
We arrange budget-priced accommodation across Scotland,
usually in multi-bedded rooms in hostels or youth-oriented
hotels. These have been specially selected for their location
and/or facilities. It may sometimes be possible to arrange stays
in host families whilst in Edinburgh, but this cannot be
guaranteed. Back to top...

Leisure Groups:

These groups will usually stay in hotels. CoolScot Tours has
access to a wide range of hotels, to suit most groups and most
budgets. Please contact us at your earliest opportunity to
ensure availability. Back to top...

Special Interest Groups:

Again, these groups often stay in hotels. However, we
sometimes receive requests for special interest groups to stay
in a particular type of accommodation, or in a particular
location, and we delight in using our experience to source
something suitable. Just ask !


Airport Transfers

We can arrange airport transfers to/from your accommodation
using a wide range of coaches and other transport. Contact us
for further details. Back to top...


Tour Programmes and Excursions

W e arrange tour programmes from a few days to a week, or
more, and may concentrate on one part of Scotland or
incorporate travel throughout the country. The choice is yours
simply tell us where your group wants to travel, or what your
group especially wants to see then leave us to arrange
everything for you.

Of course, if you would like us to suggest
and arrange your group's whole programme, then we shall be
delighted to do that also.

If you have less time and just require a day or half-day
excursion from Edinburgh or Glasgow, for example, then we
can arrange this also. Back to top...


Guides and Entrance Tickets

CoolScot Tours will provide professional guides for your group,
if required, whether it is for a day excursion or for a longer tour.
All guides speak English. Additionally, foreign language guides
can also be provided just let us know which language you
require for your group. Please give us as much notice as
possible when booking guides, as they can be heavily in

We also arrange group entrance and tickets to all visitor
attractions on your group's programme, to ensure quick entry
and maximum time spent visiting and exploring (and not
Back to top...


Onboard ferry to Mull
Travelling across the sea to
the Inner Hebrides


  • Specialists in group travel
    around Scotland
  • Tours customised to your
    groups' requirements
  • Professional expertise
    and experience
  • Friendly staff with
    extensive local knowledge
  • We deliver, you sell with

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