Our company is known as CoolScot Tours and we deliver English Language tours throughout Scotland, including English language workshops based in Edinburgh, aimed at foreign school groups. Our English language tours and workshops operate under the brand “CELTS” (CoolScot English Language TourS). 

We specialise in delivering English language learning through the medium of drama-based workshops, run by actors, in a fun and relaxed environment. Our aim is to improve students’ ability to converse in spoken English, without being held back by the difficulties of learning grammar at the same time.

We also organise and run group coach tours throughout Scotland. Our Managing Director previously ran a coach tour company in Scotland, so we have plenty of experience in this area!

If you want to bring a school group to Edinburgh, to improve the students’ ability to converse in English, in a non-traditional way, and to tour Scotland, then please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Travel with us and Discover Scotland’s warmth!