If you’re an English language teacher in a school outside the United Kingdom, planning to bring your class to Scotland for a language learning week, it can be a lot of work. We know!

Where will you go? Which language school will you choose for your students? How will they be taught? Do you want them to improve their reading, writing and grammar, OR to improve their understanding and speaking? Where will your students stay? How will they get around? What activities are on offer?

Well, we’re here to help you. We will provide episodes covering all the above, and more. And they’ll be fairly short, because we understand you are busy.

In this introductory episode, we’ll tell you WHO we are, WHERE we are based, WHAT we do, and HOW we can help you.

CoolScot Tours – Discover Scotland’s Warmth!

CoolScot Tours blog: https://coolscot-tours.com/
CoolScot Tours Instagram: @coolscot.tours
Contact Us: https://coolscot-tours.com/contact-us


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