Long-time, no hear!

Yes, we’ve been quiet for a while over here. Sorry about that. So, if you’re returning to our blog after a previous visit, welcome back! If you’re new to us, then a big welcome and we look forward to keeping you informed about all you can see and do with CoolScot Tours on a visit to Scotland.

The last time we were here, we were looking forward to the year ahead and spoke about heading to the seaside on a day tour out of Edinburgh. Then came the pandemic and, as you all know, everything more or less shut down.

Early morning sun on Perthshire hills
Early morning sun on Perthshire hills

Over the last year, England and Scotland did things a little differently with respect to forced business closures and local lockdowns. In fact, Nicola Sturgeon (Scotland’s First Minister) was widely praised for having handled the pandemic much better than Boris Johnson (the UK’s Prime Minister). Overall confirmed cases of people catching Covid-19 were lower in Scotland than in England and deaths from the virus here were also lower.

Where are we now, then? Well, it’s safe to say that both virus and death rates are falling significantly in the United Kingdom (UK). Scotland has far less cases of the virus, proportionately, than England and these rates are continuing to fall. Both Boris and Nicola have published their lockdown exit strategy, with the Scottish Government adopting a more cautious approach than down south, in England.

Perhaps the most important factor positively affecting the UK just now is that we are forging ahead with our vaccination programme against the virus. In fact, by the end of February, a significant milestone was achieved: in excess of 20 million people in the UK have now received their first jag. That’s approximately a third of the total population! We are on target to achieve the government’s goal of everyone who wants the vaccine, having received at least their first jag by this summer.

Looking to the future, what will a trip to Scotland look like later in 2021, or even 2022? It’s really too early to say, precisely, just now. However, we can certainly predict some things with confidence.

Firstly, everyone has learnt better hygiene. Sanitising sprays and hand sanitisers can be seen everywhere and, typically, at the entrance to all public buildings and businesses. These things are likely to be here to stay.

Everyone wears masks in public buildings and it is currently compulsory to wear a mask when entering certain shops, unless medically exempt. This is likely to remain in place for some time to come.

Social distancing will also remain in place for some time to come.

Despite all the above, our scenery and the welcome you will receive here in Scotland haven’t changed. Both are fantastic!

Sunrise in rural Perthshire

Once international travel reopens, we look forward to offering you a warm welcome on your trip to Scotland.

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Long-time, no hear!

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